In case you are new to the SEO world and are looking for tips and tricks to guide you, you are in the right place. Below I have covered some of the most important SEO tips even beginner won’t have trouble understanding and implementing them.

  1. In case you do plan to make use of Java script drop down menus, image maps or image links, it is important that you have text links someplace on your website so that the spiders have something to follow.
  1. You might have already heard this a thousand times but I have to repeat since it is so important that Content will always be king so always keep in mind that you need to post good, well-written, and unique content that revolves around your primary keyword.
  1. Apart from content another really important thing are links which you can also call the queen. It is important you have a network of excellent backlinks. It is important that there always is a good, logical reason for a site to link back to your site otherwise its useless.
  1. Page rank does matter but not so much that you put all your soul into just that one thing. Yes it does matter when it comes to the ranking algorithm but a website with less PR can easily be higher ranked than a website with a good PR.
  1. When it comes to creating titles for all the pages on your website be sure to include keywords into it but only as many you feel are relevant and keep titles as small as possible and if you really want to put your company name in it make sure you do that only in the end. This is a good way to get some searches too.


  1. Internal linking which means creating links to other pages on your own website can increase traffic to a post that may not have done well in the past. Make sure you add these links to keywords. For example if your target is “car accessories” then add the link to “car accessories” instead of a “Click here” link.


  1. When you design your website do not forget about SEO. In case you are getting it designed by someone else make sure they understand what you need from an SEO perspective.
  1. When you write content for your website it is important that it does not sound robotic or as if you have specially written it for the search engines. Search engines give better ranking to websites that use natural language and communicate with the audience as if it was a conversation. Never overstuff your content with keywords. It never gives good results.
  1. There is no point of an SEO if you do not have a strong calls to action. So make sure your website has a really good calls to action like an option to subscribe for a newsletter etc.
  1. In case you do add pictures to your posts it is important that you take care as to what text is posted around them because those pictures are ranked based on text that is posted around them on the page so always use the right keyword text, headings, etc.